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Fall Gathering - Julian

The Weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving

Friday-Sunday, November 18-21

     Begins Fri, Nov 18 with check-in starting
          at 4pm.
     Ends Sun, Nov 21 at 3pm
          (with the option of staying over until
           Monday morning free of charge)

Julian, CA
Camp Stevens

Your Invitation to the Gathering and Registration (PDF, 1.6Mb)
(includes pricing information)

If you have questions not already answered in the Invitation document above, there's always help at:
Registration Questions Email
Non-Registration Questions Email

Register Button

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for guidance in
(1) checking out the Gathering,
(2) registering, and then
(3) doing some follow-up tasks.


What are your Shining Moments? Come spend a weekend celebrating your successes, achievements, and victories great and small. Leave the familiar and join close to 100 men of varied ages, and orientations while we play and explore our Shining Moments in group events, workshops, at the Black-Light Dance and our CMG Talent/No-Talent Show.


1. Check out the Gathering

Our Planning Committee has been working hard all year to make this a wonderful event. To register, first read Your Invitation to the Gathering and Registration (PDF) which has answers to most questions you may have about what happens, who will be there, what kind of accommodations, etc.

2. Register for the Gathering

Once you've decided you want to attend you will register online. If you experience difficulty, contact the giving him a phone number and time to call you back, and he'll help you through it. The Invitation explains Financial Aid, Refunds, and all pricing information. Payment can be made online when you register or by check; however your registration is not confirmed until payment is received in full.

3. Follow-up tasks

Once you have registered and submitted your registration payment, there are other optional items to consider in furthering your participation in the Gathering.

  • Send an email to to lend a helping hand (especially if you can help with tasks in the weeks BEFORE the Gathering);
  • Send an email to if you would like to perform in the Talent Show
  • Send an email to if you’d like to give one.
  • Rideshare Options: CMG strongly encourages ride sharing. Signing up for it doesn't promise that we will find you a ride, but it does make it possible for us to connect you to someone who may be offering a ride in your area or close by! If you don't live near anyone else or along the routes others will take to drive to the Fall Gathering, it's still worth a shot – often it works out like magic! That said, if you live on the outskirts and want to give ridesharing a try, contact for ideas on how you might set yourself up for a successful rideshare [for instance, take a bus/get a ride from a friend to a major highway junction, fly to a local airport, etc...]. If you think you’ll need a ride, indicate so during the registration process. As registrations come through we will keep an eye out for those men who are offering. Please note that it can be quite difficult to match riders during the last few days before the Gathering. So let us know as soon as you can.
  • Photo Upload and Workshop Proposals both happen in the CMG Event & Information Management System. Go to and sign in and follow the tabs to the area you need. You will see your photo much as it will appear in the Gathering roster when it is uploaded. You will also see the link for submitting a workshop propsoal. Your workshop proposal will be sent directly to the Gathering workshop coordinator for processing, so please direct any workshop questions to If you need help to sign in go to for instructions.
Lastly, if you need to cancel, check out the refund policy at the end of the Invitation.